Faus (53) „I was married for 20 years, but she’s long gone. The war that shook this country in it’s core is over for a while now.“

„I’m 48 now and i work as clothier – i travel often, mostly around africa and india to sell my clothes: i was in nigeria, egypt, ethiopia, nepal and that’s why i have many friends all over the world. But i love my country despite everything that happened. It’s just so beautiful and calm – look out the window!“


„I get to see this train ride everytime i want – but i prefer to take it in the morning when not so many people, especially tourists enter the train. Many times i get annoyed because there are just too many. But once in a while i like to talk to people like you and have a good conversation.“


„Today Sri Lanka is doing really good, the tourism is flowing and many have work. But the government is unstable at the moment, we got corruption and 2 prime ministers – everyone wants the current government gone. Mohammed and me are tired of them“

Mohammed is also a clothier. I spend around 4 hours together with them in a 10 hour train ride from Kandy to Ella that was supposed to be around 7 hours. But to stress yourself over time isn’t really a thing in Sri Lanka
„Those are the teafarmers – Sri Lanka is world known for it’s great tea“ (ceylon was the former name of the country – something ringing?)

„Never lose your smile. It’s the most precious treasure to a happy soul and healthy relationships.“





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