“We are immortal beings in a mortal body trying to understand our immortality“ Alex (57) visiting mumbai to visit the tombstone and family of his wife who died in december.

“The morning she died was peaceful. I woke up like every other day, brushed my teeth like every other day, went out of house like every other day.

But as soon as i got the call i couldnt believe it until i saw her in the hospital bed. She was just lying there, peacefully and then it hit me: i was so lucky. She was the only woman i’ve ever been with, i’ve ever got to love and share my thoughts with. 25 years and i knew from the beginning that it was her i want to give everything for. And i knew that it was fine. Because she is with me. I’m blessed. By her and the time and experience i was gifted with. This is why i can stand up every day smiling by remembering her.

Yes. I do miss her. But we are just immortal beings in a mortal body trying to understand our immortality

I came from bangalore to mumbai to visit her, her family and her most favorite places we’ve been to together countless times. I’m honoring her legacy and trying to keep up because you know she was just the kindest person on earth. Every christmas she would spend weeks preparing post cards to send them to hundreds of people, strangers she met years ago for whom she’d try to make a small gift by remembering them. I would argue about it being senseless but she didnt care you know.

She taught me that the most powerful thing in the whole universe is the free will. Neither evilness nor darkness will force you to make a decision. You do. And i decided to remember her in good will instead of break.“

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